2023 Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper Nominees Revealed

2023 FIFA Best Men's Goalkeeper Nominees


Since 2016, FIFA has commenced the tradition of awarding the ‘FIFA The Best’ accolade. They revealed 2023 Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper Nominees list already. Each year, the global governing body of football selects the best footballer for the prestigious Player of the Year award, recognizing exceptional individual performances on the football field. In the highly anticipated 2023 Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper Nominees, a stellar lineup of exceptional talents has emerged, each showcasing their prowess between the goalposts.

Short List of FIFA Best Men’s Goalkeeper

1. Ederson

2. Thibaut Courtois

3. Yassine Bounou

Morocco’s Yassine Bounou has made his way onto 2023 FIFA’s list of Best Men’s Goalkeepers. Alongside him stand Belgium’s Thibaut Courtois and Brazil’s Ederson, esteemed for their extraordinary goalkeeping skills .

The announcement for the 2023 Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper will take place in London on January 15th. Prior to this, FIFA members including national team coaches, captains, media representatives, and supporters will engage in the voting process. It is from this collective input that the 2023 Best FIFA men’s goalkeeper will be selected.

2023 FIFA Best Men's Goalkeeper Nominees
2023 Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper Nominees

From December 19th, 2022, to August 20th of the following year, the committee curated this year’s list of goalkeepers based on their performances. 36-year-old Emilianó Martínez from Argentina claimed the FIFA Best Men’s Goalkeeper award in the latest 2022 edition. He became Argentina’s World Cup-winning goalkeeper after 36 years and played an unmatched role in securing the Copa America title, showcasing his unparalleled contributions.

As the anticipation builds for the announcement of the 2023 Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper, football enthusiasts eagerly await to see who will claim this prestigious accolade, recognizing the unparalleled skill and dedication of the standout goalkeeping talents in the world of football.

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